Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Future Mini-Moguls

As many of you know parking in Chastain Park can be outright painful. While searching for parking Sunday night, I ended up far down into one of the neighborhood streets. Once parked, I was approached by the above "Mini-Moguls" with a pretty good proposition, their version of Park and Ride. Parking in front of their home AND a complimentary ride by their mom to the venue, in exchange for 5$ as proposed by Braeden. Ashton, serving as the wingman simply stated "I want some cash", of which I handed him $3. As they say closed mouths don't get fed! Keira (the lil darling) was simply there to close the deal with her fabulous smile.
Thought I'd share a few pics of our future Mini-Moguls.

If their faces are any indication of what the future holds- it looks pretty bright from my view!

Well ....bright as it may be, conquering the world is a BIG job...it will just have to wait until Keira and Ashton finish their nap.....sweet dreams lil ones.

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